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Oil Storage Tanks Here?

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In Your Drinking Water?

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Dirty Oil! - Dirty Hands?

Communities Affected by Pipeline


About TSOM

About Tar Sands Oil Mobile

The TSOM Mission

The mission of Tar Sands Oil Mobile is to inform, educate and motivate our citizens in Coastal Alabama on the health, safety, and environmental threat posed by the imminent danger to the greater Mobile area’s sole source of water from a Plains Southcap, LLC pipeline. learn more…

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What is TSOM?

Tar Sands Oil Mobile is a diverse coalition of concerned citizens who have joined together for a common cause.

We are unified by our concerns over the building of a Plains Southcap, LLC pipeline through the Big Creek Lake, Hamilton Creek, Crooked Creek, and Juniper Creek watersheds and the JB Converse Reservoir.

An oil spill in this region would compromise the sole source of drinking water for hundreds of thousands of people in the greater Mobile area.

The Tar Sands Oil Mobile Coalition is also greatly concerned over the tremendous increase in the volume of Canadian tar sands entering downtown Mobile, by rail, for storage and further shipment to the Chevron Refinery in Pascagoula, MS. … learn more

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The Issues

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The Issues

Drinking Water, The Environment, Tar Sands Oil, The Pipeline, Transportation, Storage Tanks…  more


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Coalition Building:  forging community relationships…   more


Grassroots Team:  Inspiring community participation…   more


The Media Team:  Organizing & broadcasting our message in main stream media…   more


The Research Team, Diligently compiling accurate facts on the issues…   more

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